Q. Is the North American Purebred Registry, Inc. a legitimate registry?

Absolutely, we have been in existence since 1995 and operate a professional registration service. We currently have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Many dogs registered with us have a multi-generational history with our registry. For independent customer reviews, find us on Yelp!

Q. What are the fees to register with the North American Purebred Registry, Inc.?

The fee to register an individual dog is $16 per dog. If you have a litter of puppies, the fee to register the entire litter is $12.

Q. How long does it take to receive the registration certificates?

It will take approximately 7-10 business days. We process all applications the same business day or the following business day that they are received. Mailing will vary, depending on your location.

Q. I have a dog that is NAPR registered that I want to breed with a non-NAPR registered dog. May I register their litter?

Yes, as long as the sire and dam are purebred dogs and are registered with a registry, the litter may be registered with us. It is advisable, however, to individually register the parents with us so their NAPR registration number will be listed on the new litter registration certificates. At least one parent of the litter must be registered with the NAPR.

Q. What if I lose my registration papers?

Complete this form and a new copy will be sent!

Q. How do I order a pedigree?

Complete this form and a pedigree will be sent!

Q. Does it make a difference if I print the registration applications and mail them in or fill out the secure online application?

No, it makes no difference except we get the online application instantly and can usually process it the same day.

Q. Is the online application process secure?

Yes, this website is protected with 256-bit TLS encryption so your personal information as well as credit card information is secure. We do not keep any credit card information on file.

Q. What is a registry?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Basically, these organizations are record keeping facilities. When your pet is "registered", this means this animal is accepted by the club, and their personal information is maintained and stored with the club or registry. This vital information is the breed, sex, color, name, date of birth, assigned registration number and litter number, as well as the parents' names and registration numbers. The breeder, as well as the current and previous owners are also recorded. Many pets are registered with more than one registry-this means he is accepted by more than one club. This is called double or triple registered depending on how many clubs in which the animal is accepted.

Finally, we want to clear up the most misunderstood concept pertaining to animal registration clubs. The club in which an animal is registered is not responsible for the quality of the animal or pet. Quality is not determined by the name of the club in which he is registered. Quality comes from the genes of the parent dogs, and the integrity of the breeder. Any club in existence can have pets registered that are of superior quality, as well as have pets that are of inferior quality. We do not allow a breeder or seller to charge more for a pet with our registration papers. Our registry is for pet lineage tracking purposes. It is not to allow breeders to sell or make money off of an animal.